kind words

“The arrival of these photos couldn’t have come at a better time. Our visit with my parents and brother is coming to an end and everyone is feeling a bit emotional because of these times… we don’t know when exactly we can see each other again. Tears were rolling down my parents face as we connected my laptop so we could all view them together. 
I would like to first thank you for the confidence you gave me to be photographed with my children. I normally can find a million flaws of myself in photos with my kids but when I look at those photos I just see love… mischievous eyes of laughter and joy… and resilience. 
Our family, like many, was deeply affected by covid in the sense that M worked long hours and double days to try to combat the hundreds of people in the A&E that needed him. And we, the boys and I, endured home schooling, stir crazy rainy days and frustration together at home. After months of missing friends and travels and family these photos show my kids and I with real smiles and natural sparkles. To you I am forever grateful.”
mum and boy


Your search ends here. You are at the right place.

Everything in your life has led you to this point. You’re thinking about how you want to capture it, how you’d like to remember these passing days.  You are moments away to turn your dream session into a reality.

Talk to you soon.

Aída xx



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